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January 2019


Happy New Year,

For the first time ever, I have used a different format for our newsletter. I am hoping that this will be easier to read but just as informative as ever. I am not sure if I will always keep this format but it is a change for this month. Often you may be looking for or anticipating something to be covered and it is not. Those will be the times that you will have to let me know what you missed or will be expecting. This is you newsletter and I would like for you to take ownership of it. You may write articles and give them to me to be put in the newsletter. Thanks!



Christmas Party

We held our Christmas Party right here in the dojo and I certainly hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. We didn’t try to do anything extra special but have a good time meeting families of whom you did not know. That is always an easy thing for the kids to do and I think that most of you witnessed that happening.

In the past we have gone to the Pizza Hut and it was an enjoyable outing but this year seemed more personal for me. What about you? Of course I scheduled it on my 75th birthday. I thought that I would get a few pranks but my students seemed to have mellowed out over the years, Needless to say, some of those who were always guilty were not there.

I thank all of you for being at the party; for your birthday gifts, birthday cards, and all of the Christmas cards. God Bless you all.





A Bit Of The Year In Retrospect

We began the year on a disappointing note and that was with the death of Mr. Richard Poage. Of course we are always on the earthly or human side when we talk about these things but we know that our lives all rest in the hands of God. Mr. Poage was young and full of energy when karate was concerned. Yes, he had a zest for other things but karate was first. His students will be going to Okinawa with his lady friend and me to spread his ashes over there.

As for travel I was in Arizona, Texas and Michigan in January, Chicago in February, New Mexico in March, Okinawa in April, Okinawa again in August, North Carolina in August, Arizona, California and Georgia in November. Finally in Michigan with my daughter and grandchildren in December. I have been tremendously blessed to be able to do all that I have done and traveled as I have.

I am so proud of those students who have been going out and competing during the here. All of them have done exceptionally well. Wyatt and Emma LaMons, Derek Brading, Drew Fisher, and Ayden Miles are the ones who stand out in my mind as I write this. The LaMons kids and Mr. Brading placed in the state and national competitions, with follow up wins in the PKC International Competition in Indianapolis. Mr. Brading Travelled to Okinawa with me in August and placed 2nd in the First Okinawa World Karate Tournament. For any who may be interested you may still view that competition on youtube. Competition is not everything but it has done much for many of the students who are here and many who have gone through here. Often there are those who want to give me the credit but these students already have that in them when they come to me. I am only a catalyst that helps them to recognize their true worth now and hopefully forever more

Finally as the year began drawing to a close I lost a niece, a friend, and a very good martial arts friend. My niece was the reason for my trip to North Carolina in August. Unfortunately, all of the services were on the same weekend. I can only be thankful to God that He allowed me to still be here to remember them.

Again, Happy New Year and I pray for more love and prosperity among all of us and the world. God Bless All Of You!





St Jude Kick-A-Thon

All monies were sent in but I have heard no response from St. Jude yet.





What Kata Is

Kata has always been very interesting to me. This is especially so when I look back at my days as a beginner when I first began my study of karate. During those days I could learn the movements in a kata during one class. I remember reading in the Dojo that it took the Okinawans 3 to 4 years to learn one kata. Reading that I immediately began to question the intelligence of the Okinawans. Yes, I thought that I was a genius because I could learn the kata in one night.

Now, 52 years later I have learned that I was the dunce in the Dojo. Learning the movements in the kata is simple. There is very little time required for learning the movements in the kata. The inner workings of the kata requires some intense study. It is extremely difficult to go into the kata and extract the defenses.

Kata consists  of sweeps, throws, grappling, choking, and striking techniques. Rarely does a student of karate begin to understand what the kata is doing as they begin learning it. Karate is the military art of self defense to protect and preserve your life. It is all kata!





Student Of The Month

I am very happy and well pleased at our selection as Student Of The Month. My selection as S.O.M. is Ms. Emma Vore. She is a member of the Li’l Dragons class and she has been very aggressive at her training. She is regularly in class and is very attentive to instructions that are being passed out. Her attention to class procedures are very good and she has great potential for advancing in her karate.





First PKC Tournament 2019

The first PKC Region 2 tournament for 2019 is scheduled for March 2nd. Again I am encouraging you as students to try competition at least once. No, it is not something everyone will want to do. For some it will be fear and for others it may be financial. No matter what it is please feel free to discuss it with me. We will keep it confidential and let it go at that.

PKC Region 1 will host its first tournament in February in Chicago. It is called the Cabin Fever it is a good tournament.

Our tournament is scheduled in June on the first weekend of the month.




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