Bethea's Karate Studio

119 West Sycamore Street
Kokomo, IN 46901


Kardio Corner

Well, I did not get off to advertising in November as intended but it is in progress.  I have gone to the office of the Perspective and the wheels have been set in motion. Our initial ad will run in the coming week.

In the mean time you may bring in any number of friends or family members to let them experience the class and hopefully enroll. I realize that people are busy during the holidays but this is the best time for this campaign. As said before, we are going to intensify the classes a bit more using music with higher beats per minute. Once we begin to get new people into the class there will be some other things that will be done. Most important is the new intensity that will come to the class. As we elevate the level of the class please let me know how we are doing.

Feedback will be very important.