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Volume 1, Issue 1      November 2017



We have had a very busy year and it has not come  an end yet. Some of us had just gotten back from Mr. Culpepper’s wedding when we learned of Mr. Earl’s passing. We were depply saddened by the death of Mr. Earl and we continue to pray for the family. There is not enough to be said about a man who gave so much for family, friends and associations. We will miss him dearly.

I visited the West Plaines, Missouri Dojo before the wedding. They are doing very well and growing fast. All of the students are attending classes regularly and participating in school activities. I was also told that they all have very good grade point averages. That was exciting because all of the students here are also carrying very good grade point averages. All of the students and their families were very hospitable. Mr. Culpepper has done an excellent job.

I am in Arizona and going to California on Friday to attend the  Cal South Camp. It will be good to see Minoru Sensei and his wife there.   While here in Arizona I will be with Mr. Poage and his students. I will be doing seminars in the latter part of the week. Mr. Poage and his students do an excellent job at taking care of me while I am in the area. The seminars have always gone very well and I look forward to them.

Wyatt and Emma LaMons were the only students competing in the Warrior Legacy tournament. They did very well and I am proud of them and their competitiveness.





It is that time of the year when we have to reset our clocks again. Certainly we have enjoyed the longer days and the activities that we put into them.  Normally we have to go through an adjustment phase  to get ourselves ready for the change.  Primarily it is just our sleeping that gets disturbed.

Don’t forget to reset your clocks on Sunday, November 5th at 2:00 a.m. Most generally we are sleeping really good at that hour so make sure that you set your clocks Saturday night before you go to sleep.
We should also get ready for the change in weather. It is normal that the weather begins to change  as we begin the time change.  I’m sure that this is just a coincidence. Just get the jackets out and be ready.





It has been a tradition for Bethea’s Karate Studio to support a family with a food basket at  Thanksgivng. Of course that will be no different for this year. So, first I always ask the students and parents if they know of anyone who needs that kind of support. It has been a rarity that anybody from the dojo knows anyone who could use the help. I will say that is sad because I am sure that we have seen someone who doesn’t seem to be doing very well. Sometimes I think that we are ashamed to say that we know anyone who needs help.  However, I don’t mean that you have to know them personally. You may have just seen them on the street or you have friends that know them, but, we shouldn’t be ashamed  of them or their circumstance. Today we are living in the comforts of a nice home with all of the amenities of life but that could change in an instant. So while we have a chance let’s help somebody.

So, go through the pantries and cupboards and lets see how we can help somebody in despair. It does not have to be a lot , just whatever you can afford to give. The dojo will purchase meats on the day that we deliver the basket. Anyone can go along when we deliver. We will support the same family at Christmas time.  Thanks to all of you!





This is my karate is an unusual topic but it is a valid one. I got started in karate because I wanted to be able to defend myself. No, I never got into a lot of fights but there was always someone who wanted to intimidate me. With the intimidation was the fear that I felt deep down inside. So, I had a couple of friends who were in karate and they competed in karate tournaments and always did well. I didn’t think much about the karate tournaments but I asked my parents about joining karate and they said yes.

Now I am in karate and I am saying this is my karate but what do I do with it. I go to class regularly and I do what Sensei tells me to do. I still can’t seem to be in possession of my karate. What more do I have to do. Well, it is like this. When someone gives you something you have to actually take ownership of it. Get to know it and how it works. What can you make it do? Learn it like you do your video games. Your hands and feet are the real joysticks and you use them to shoot down the targets. Later you will learn more about other weapons. That’s your karate.





As usual this is one of my biggest challenges. However, I get an excellent chance to review all of the students and their overall behavior. I must say that all of you are growing immensely.

My selection for Student O f The Month  is Mr. Wyatt LaMons.  Mr. LaMons has distinguished himself through his dedicated and devoted efforts in class. He is constantly in class and readily prepares himself for training. Mr. LaMons listens very closely to all instructions and follows  them to the letter. He is regularly in class and normally early to prepare. As a brown belt he is very advanced in his training.  My special congratulations to Mr. LaMons and his selection as Student Of The Month.

Continue as you have and you will be an excellent  martial artist and an asset to the Black Belt rank. Mr. LaMons, you are also an example to those who are coming behind you. I am proud to have you as my student. The road ahead is well lighted for you. Keep it up!





Yes, we are doing a Dojo Recruitment program! How does it work? Well, you bring in a friend or family member to try the classes with you first. If that person joins the class you get one month of your lessons at no cost.

The person that you bring can not be a person who has just stop coming to class because they did not make payments or they owe monies from a previous debt with Bethea’s Karate Studio. These are the only stipulations that are being placed on the recruitment program at this time.

Sensei Bethea will do all that is possible to keep your friend/family member and you together. If you have other requests you will have to give them to Sensei and allow him to make a decision with regard to that request. We are out to grow Bethea’s Karate Studio larger than you could have ever imagined. So, lets get with it and talk to your family and friends and get them in here right now.

Remember that the reward is for you or your parents. Don’t waste anytime once you have received this newsletter. If you have any questions or concerns about this just come in and see Sensei. If you think anything about your  dojo and your Sensei you can recommend our dojo to a friend or relative. We will be glad to have them as part of out family.





One of the major concerns of Americans today is fitness/obesity. When we think in terms of fitness/obesity we have to concern ourselves with both mental and physical conditioning. Much of what we are comes straight from what we think. I am one who sincerely believes that I am what I think I am.  No one else has to agree with you as long as you are firm in your belief and satisfied with where you are.
Now, I am only speaking in terms of condition. It has been a little over a year and I have, for the most part,  not been eating after 7:00p.m. Often when I am away I have no choice but to eat after 7:00p.m. No Matter where I am I maintain a short exercise regimen that is completed in the mornings before I dress. While at home I will eat in the mornings and in the afternoon. I have managed to stay away from most fast foods.  The result has been a little smaller waist and increased fitness. I can never be what I was but still fit.

I only want you to consider yourself and be the best that you can be.  How fit are you?





As beginners we are eager to get all of the information that Sensei will throw at us. There is nothing wrong with that because we want to always use our minds and be able to let the world know how intelligent we are.

Now, we have been in karate for a while and Sensei has started us to learning kata. I learned the first one and it was easy. Then I got started on the second one and it was also easy. Then, I was certainly ready to start the next one, but, what have I learned but a series of movements called kata. Isn’t Sensei supposed to show me what all of these movements are? Well, the thing is, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Yes, the teacher is always there but the student has to show up. He/she is in class but they are more concerned about the next rank than they are about what that kata is doing. The kata is volumes of self defense and you have to study to get what is there. Sensei will give you nuggets to get you started but you have to take it further.





This is not enough space to tell all of my history but it is a start. There have been several movies of late that have familiarized you with segregation in the south. They were: The Help, The Jackie Robinson Story (24), and The Butler. These were very good movies and presented some good ideas of what life was like during those years for Blacks living in a segregated society.

While I do say that they were good movies there could have been so much more. Of course, I have no idea of what kinds of tensions and feelings would have come out had there been any more than was in them. I can say that because I grew up during a good part of that era and experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I am aware that a number of the white actors and actresses had some difficulty playing their roles.

As you know I grew up in Wilmington, NC. As a kid, I endured the name calling, getting spit on and often times chased for no reasons at all. Naturally I went to segregated schools which were only a few blocks from each. In High school our football  practice fields were separated only by a tall block fence. As white and black kids went to school we passed each other daily but I never remember any confrontations between the kids. Most frustrations were initiated by adults. I remember riding the back of the bus; using toilet marked “white and colored”; going to theatres and blacks had to sit in the balcony; only being served from the rear of some restaurants and the list goes on. Today, it is refreshing to look back and see how America has evolved. There is still growth to come and I believe that it will. Feel free to ask me questions. 




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