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March 2019


What's Going On!

Well, we have gotten of to a real good start for the new year but there is still a long ways to go. The students who have been competitive have worked themselves to be prepared for the first PKC Region 2 Tournament and awards banquet. Those who have stood out as competitors over the past year are Xavyn Pugh, Emma LaMons, Wyatt LaMons, Derek Brading, and Drew Fisher who also attended a tournament this past year. Those who will be receiving awards this year are Xavyn, Emma, Wyatt, and Derek.

During the month of February we attended Hanshi Venson’s Cabin Fever event in Chicago. As always it was a very interesting and highly competitive event. One thing that I observed at the event is that the number of youths competing is beginning to grow a little. Over the last eleven years I have seen the number of competitors dwindle quite a bit and it excites me to see the numbers starting to rise again. That does not say much for the adult population because it is beginning to age quite a bit. Of course there are some factors that contribute to the decreased numbers in adults. In years past we very emphatic at the tournaments with rule enforcement. As a matter of fact, I often referred to it as watering down our karate. That was because of so much of the competitive aspects of karate. Slowly but surely we have reinstituted some of the old competitive rule with new twists that allows both youth and adults to learn, use and compete on a much higher level.

Our karate is about building people. That is, helping them to grow far beyond any place they ever imagined. We can be anything that we want to be if we just push forward with, sometimes, a little help and encouragement. I know that I am old school and I push very hard.  Talk to me if you have to.





Looking Ahead

I’ve learned that the Kokomo school system with be on their spring break during the last week of March and the first week of April. Since that comes during my trip to Okinawa I will make some adjustments to the March and April Calendar. Currently my plan is to approximately the 29th of March and return on the 12th of April. Mr Sylvester will be covering classes for me while I am away.

Kyu testing is scheduled for Saturday March 16th and for those who are testing you should get your name on the list right away. Testing will start at 12:30pm and should be completed in two hours. Please make sure that you see me to get a copy of your evaluation sheet. You may also review the last pages in your Training Record/Training Manual to see what you will need to know for evaluation for your next rank.




Welcome Newcomers

We are very happy to welcome three new students to Bethea’s Karate Studio. First, we have Mr. Finnley Miller who has become a member of the kids class. We also have Mr. Bentley Gentry and Mr. Zadin Kennedy who have joined the Li’l Dragons class and it exciting to have them join the class. Mr. Gentry got the flu shortly after he began classes but showed a real interest in being in the karate class. I am confident that all of these young people will grow to be excellent martial artists and I am looking forward to watching them grow.

We are looking for new avenues to explore in bringing new students into Bethea’s Karate Studio. Beginning with this newsletter and for the month of March only, any student who brings a new student into the School will receive a cash reward of $25. It makes no difference as to the age of the student who joins. However, I ask that you remember that Li’l Dragons class is for those who are 6years and under. The kids class is for those age 7 to 12 years of age. All others will go into the adult classes.

We are working now to build a greater competition team and hopefully get our parents involved to raise funds to support the team. We will be more functional in the competitive area of our training. We have some great potential in our dojo and I am anxious for all of you to see where you are. There will be no more of just looking at one or two and talking about how good they are. Everybody will start to look inward and talking about themselves.




Student of the Month

Have you ever thought about being the Student Of The Month? Probably not! Well, I would like to start getting the entire class involved in making this selection. As Sensei and always standing in front of the class I have the opportunity to see every student on a daily basis or, at least, each time that they attend class. That gives me somewhat of an advantage over everybody else. That is why I would like to get the entire class involved in making the selection. Everybody should have an opinion of the students and how or what they do while in class. Are they following the rules of the Dojo; do they work on things that they have difficulty with; what is their attendance in class and the list could go on and on. You use these things and your on criteria to make your decision. I will start asking next month for your selection.

This month I have selected Mr. D’Artagnan Williams as Student Of The Month for Bethea’s Karate Studio. Mr. Williams has persevered and been true to his training . He is regularly in class and even when I have pushed him hard he has continued to stay the course. Many of the youth will feel that I am being unfair or too hard on them but Mr. Williams has hung in there. He continually shows that he has the ability to succeed in achieving the goal that is in front of him. Mr. Williams I commend you on your selection as Student Of The Month and I believe that you will make up your mind to become a successful and accomplished martial artist. Please continue to follow your heart. God has great things in store for you.




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